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When someone is lost in the darkness of night and suddenly there appears a beam of light…hope rises quickly as the anticipation of being found causes the senses to work overtime. To a darkened, confused, hopeless world, Jesus is like that!

What is that shaft of light? It is focused, reflective brilliance that illuminates. The same happens to the ecclesia, the “called out”, those we call “the church”. When God shines his face upon them, the brilliance of God”s grace is focused on his people. Their response is to offer worship to their creator. Miracles happen in that holy ambiance of God shining upon his church.

In the Psalms, where the songs the Israelites sang are recorded, there are lyrics that plead for God to shine upon his people. They asked Jehovah God to look on their situation, knowing that he is powerful and just. They would present their case before him and ask him to shine his face on them.

The world we live in today is a dark, sin-crazed, upside down culture. This generation has been brainwashed, deceived and led astray. Truth has been assaulted by political correctness and secular humanism. Christian values have been shredded by the unholy trinity of the media, institutions of higher learning, and the entertainment industry. Truth still has a voice, but casino online it is often drowned out by the shrill, maniacal screams of those offended by any semblance of morality. There are many people, in some cases a majority of people, who want to take a stand for what is right. But even then they are marginalized by the well-financed, high-profile voices of those who dominate the media in our world. can we do?

It is time for the church to cry out, “Oh God, shine your face upon your people once again!” When we begin to see the illumination of truth, righteousness and power focused on the church, faith starts it”s ascent from deep within us.

Let the light of hope shine through the darkest doubt! Shine the light of love that is  stronger than the toughest hate! Shine the light of truth that will expose the confusing clutter of our lives! Shine the powerful beam of the Holy Spirit into our hearts, making us victorious through Jesus Christ! Shine! Shine! Shine!

Look up with me. Is that a little break in the clouds above us? Get ready!