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You are speeding down the road when you see that intersection sign. Options are now available. You ask yourself, “Will I stay on this road or head in a new direction?” You can end up a long ways from your planned destination by just making a little turn to the left or the right. It may be a shortcut. Or a dead end. It really helps to know where you”re going! Life is like that. It has it”s planned destinations, busy highways, lonely roads and a quite a few intersections.

It is remarkable how one little change can affect a life profoundly. Behind almost every success story there are comments like, “One day I just decided that I was not going to live my life this way anymore.” People decide to get off the wrong road. Other people decide to stay on the right road. “I decided to stay focused. I didn”t let distractions keep me from where I wanted to be.” These decisions happen at the intersections of our lives. Most of us are helped by another sign that tells us where the road is going. “Houston 27” means you might be 27 miles away but your are headed in the right direction. Or if you see a “Houston – Next Right” that sign might keep you from missing your turn.

Several years ago, when my daughter was driving home from college, she had the windows down, the radio up mobile casino and she didn”t pay much attention to signs or intersections. Until she saw a sign reading “Arkansas State Line – 4 Miles”. She knew that driving south through Oklahoma should put you in Texas, not Arkansas! She called me very upset, saying she thought she was on the right road but was ending up in the wrong place. I mentioned that she had missed a huge sign a few miles back that said, “Dallas – Next Exit”. Intersections can be very important.

Do you think it”s possible that some people take the wrong job, buy the wrong house, choose the wrong church and maybe even marry the wrong person…because of what happened, or didn”t happen…at the intersection? I do. I also know that God often draws us a new map to get to our destiny when we miss our turn and end up a long ways from his will. The best way to cruise down the road of life is to know where you are going and why you are going there on this highway. If there are places where you need to change roads, make sure you have seen where that road leads on a map before charging down an unfamiliar highway.

We all need direction at times. God gives us his word to be our roadmap. The Holy Spirit is like our navigation system, telling us when we turn to the left or the right, “This is the way. it.” A life without direction is an adventure, but it often ends up in the ditch, with people hurt and discouraged. Read the word, hear the Spirit speaking to you and really enjoy the ride!